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51. Asymmetric

The term ‘asymmetric warfare’ is used extensively to describe battle operations by Department of Defense Officials. After researching however, I have come to realize that the term has become ubiquitous across many disciplines and sometimes in very interesting ways Continue reading

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50. Portmanteau

…The writer Lewis Carrolls fictitious Humpty-Dumpty proclaims: “You see it’s like a portmanteau—there are two meanings packed up into one word.” Continue reading

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49. Citadel

A Citadel is the smaller more fortified section of a city which makes up its vital core. Used primarily in military terminology it is also and anagram of ‘dialect.’ Continue reading

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#48. Rubric

Seven separate definitions exist for ‘rubric’ according to Wolfram Alpha Engine, ‘rubric’ a throwback term for technical annotation has varied and specialist uses in modern English. Continue reading

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43. Dexter & 44. Sinister

Dexter and Sinister featured on the image above from the Rowfant club of Cleveland, are in their proper positions in respect to the Shakespearean line in this case held a beaver rather than a knight. Continue reading

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#40. Threshold

“Threshold concepts are difficult to move through or beyond because they require a change in understanding about the concept as a whole and sometimes even a change in the learner themselves.” Continue reading

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#38. Fecund

Seeing and saying the word ‘fecund’ inevitably steer my mind toward the excremental implication of the entirely alternate term ‘feces.’ The power of ‘feces’ repels audiences which in itself is interesting. Continue reading

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