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#42. Obverse

Both and adjective and a noun, obverse may mean the opposite of a thing, the facing side of a coin, and much more. Continue reading

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#41 Biophoton

We are in fact beings of light. Continue reading

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#40. Threshold

“Threshold concepts are difficult to move through or beyond because they require a change in understanding about the concept as a whole and sometimes even a change in the learner themselves.” Continue reading

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#39. Transmute

Transmute involves an ‘upgrade’ or passing on into a more perfect form of the original thing, as opposed to metamorphizing, to alter utterly. The term is alchemical in signification. Continue reading

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#38. Fecund

Seeing and saying the word ‘fecund’ inevitably steer my mind toward the excremental implication of the entirely alternate term ‘feces.’ The power of ‘feces’ repels audiences which in itself is interesting. Continue reading

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#37 Numeracy

It’s rare to encounter an entire discipline of still virgin knowledge, so I don’t mind saying I’ve been excited by the discovery.
Incidentally, I am now a member of the the National Numeracy Network of the UK, as well as being a NumeracyNinja. Continue reading

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#36. Euhemerism

“The eponymous theory takes a turn for the ironic when we consider that since none of his writing survived, Euhemer himself may be mythical creation. If so, the creation nonetheless is ascribed ‘person-hood’ status.” -j Continue reading

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#35. Au courant

To be “au courant” is to be “in the current” on a subject or highly aware. The subtext is that there are many persons who may know of a thing, but few are au courant.” Continue reading

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#34. Theodicy

“A God infinite in goodness, power, and wisdom would not create a world unless it were good, and, if several worlds were possible, would create none but the best. “It is true that one may imagine possible worlds without sin and without unhappiness,” Leibniz conceded” Lattimore Continue reading

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#33. Onanism

Onanism is the act of coitus interruptus or removing the penis from during sex before orgasm has occured (pulling out) Continue reading

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