#47. Metacognition


#47. Metacognition:

(letters – 13 | syllables – 5 )
(scrabble score – na )

  1. |noun| the underlying consciousness of perceptive analysis and thought.
Moon upon the water

Moonlight upon the waves

(Wolfram Alpha)

  1. |noun| Psychology-
    Awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes.

(Oxford Dictionary)

  1. |noun| awareness or analysis of one’s own learning or thinking processes


How does God see?

Bloggers Note:

Although a search may indicate metacognition is an educational topic, and indeed its implications extend profoundly into education science, in reality the concept has existed for far longer. The idea, in fact has a deep tradition in both Eastern and Western thought. Even before the modern thrust of eastern Yogis began asserting itself on the undercurrents of societal belief, thinkers such as Manly Hall and Alan Watt were softly guiding the reluctant masses to:”think about thinking,” and “separate mind from body,” in both literal and actual sense.

Certainly metacognition, though not by that name, resided in the occult tradition for far longer than most non-initiates might suspect. Although academic studies have furthered our understanding greatly, it is the occultists and alchemists from whom metacognition, conceptually, was raised ‘from a babe’ as you would.

If you want more ‘metacognition ‘try this excellent site:

Global Cogniton

Do animals have metacognitive abilites?  Scientific American examines whether Scrub Jays can know they are thinking.

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The Ocean mirrors a firework

Metacognitive Mirroring

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