#39. Transmute


(letters – 9|syllables- 3)
(scrabble score – 11)

1 |verb| change in outward structure or looks
2 |verb| change or alter in form, appearance, or nature
3 |verb| alter the nature of (elements)
(Wolfram Alpha)

Transmute: change in form, nature, or substance.
[WITH OBJECT] Subject (base metals) to alchemical transmutation:
the quest to transmute lead into gold.
(Oxford Dictionary)

to convert or transform the type of ownership of (property) by transmutation


Origin and Etymology of Transmute:

Late Middle English: from Latin transmutare, from trans- ‘across’ + mutare ‘to change’.

transmute (v.)
late 14c., “transform the appearance of,” from Latin transmutare “to change” (see transmutation). Related: Transmuted; transmuting.

intransmutable (adj.)
1690s, from in- (1) “not, opposite of” + transmute (v.) + -able). Related: Intransmutably; intransmutability.

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