#37 Numeracy


(8 letters | 4 syllables)
(scrabble score – 15)| noun| skill with numbers and mathematics.
(Wolfram Alpha)

b: The ability to understand and work with numbers.

Oxford Dictionaries


the capacity for quantitative thought and expression.

Popularity: Bottom 20% of word

Origin and Etymology of “numeracy”

Latin numerus number + English -acy (as in literacy)
First Known Use: 1959



1957, from numerate (adj.), from Latin numeratus “counted out,” from numerus “a number” (see number (n.) on model of literacy, etc.

Blogger’s Note

Whilst reading through a truly fascinating document entitled:Threshold Concepts and Transformational Learning I took note of this particular question:

I was stunned. How had the term “numeracy” escaped our chance encounter for so very long? Further researching, I discovered a host even more interesting words related my original find, such as:

Innumeracy: mathatical illitercy

Acalculia: acquired impairment in which patients have difficulty performing simple mathematical tasks.

Dyscalculia: difficulty in learning or comprehending arithmetic.

Oracy: skill of speaking and listening.

It is rare to come acoss an entire discipline of virgin knowleddge and I’ve been excited by the discovery.

Incidentally, I am now a member of the the National Numeracy Network of the UK, as well as being a NumeracyNinja. I recommend both organizations if you are looking for a few math games and more email each month.

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