#35. Au courant

#35. au courant

(9 letters | 3 syllables)

adj| being up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge.

First known use 1762 (Georgian Era)
(Wolfram Alpha)

Simple Definition of au courant
knowing about the newest information, trends, etc.
stylish or current

Full Definition of au courant
1 : fully informed : up-to-date

b : fashionable, stylish
fully familiar

Origin and Etymology of au courant:
French, literally, in the current

First Known Use: 1762

(Merriam Webster)
Definition of au courant in English

  1. Aware of what is going on; well informed:

“they were au courant with the literary scene”

1.1 Fashionable:
“frocks with au courant details like ruching and asymmetrical hemlines”

Mid 18th century: from French, literally ‘in the (regular) course’.

au courant (adj.)
“aware of current events,” 1762, French, literally “with the current” (see current (n.).

“newspaper” (now only in names of newspapers), from French courant, literally “running,” present participle of courir “to run” (see current (adj.)

au cou•rant
/ˌoʊ kʊˈrã/ adj.
[be + ~]Those fashions are au courant.
fully aware or familiar
[be + ~ + with]is au courant with the latest trends.

au cou•rant
(ō′ kŏŏ rän′; Fr. ō ko̅o̅ rän′),
fully aware or familiar;

: French: literally, in the current

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

au courant french: /o kurɑ̃/
up-to-date, esp in knowledge of current affairs
Etymology: literally: in the current

E. Cobham Brewer 1810–1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.

Au Courant (French),

“acquainted with” (lit.=in the current [of events]). To keep one au courant of everything that passes, is to keep one familiar with, or informed of, passing events

Phrase: au courant
Meaning: up to date

Language of Origin: French

Additional Information: Has connotations of “in the know” or “with it”.

Example: “She’s quite au courant compared her sister.”



common, current, routine, stream.

(Cambridge Dictionary)

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