#31. Horology

#31. Horology
(8 letters | 4 syllables)
(scrabble score – 15)
| noun | The art of designing clocks.

| noun |
the science of measuring time
the art of making instruments for indicating time.

Derivative terms:




Origin: Early 19th Century
This shares an ancient root with Greek höra ‘season, time’, source of horology (Late Middle English), horoscope (Old English), and hour. The term leap year, used from the 14th century, probably comes from the fact that in a leap year feast days after February fall two days of the week later than in the previous year, rather than the usual one day, and could be said to have ‘leaped’ a day.

(Oxford Dictionary)

horology (n.)
science of time, 1752, a modern word coined from Greek hora “hour; part of the day; any period of time” (see hour) + -logy. “The term horology is at present more particularly confined to the principles upon which the art of making clocks and watches is established” [American edition of the “British Encyclopedia,” Philadelphia, 1819]. Earlier in English it meant “clock, clock dial” (c. 1500), in which sense it represents Latin horologium “instrument for telling the hour” (in Medieval Latin, “a clock”), from Greek horologion “instrument for telling the hour” (a sundial, water-clock, etc.), from horologos “telling the hour.” Related: Horologist (1795); horological (1590s). Horologiography (1630s) is the art or study of watches and timepieces.

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