#8. superannuate

(12 letters – 5 syllables)
(scrabble score –  14)

1: to make, declare, or prove obsolete or out-of-date
2: to retire and pension because of age or infirmity

1: to become retired
2: to become antiquated

verb (transitive)
1. to pension off
2. to discard as obsolete or old-fashioned

superannuate (v.)
1640s, “render obsolete,” back-formation from superannuated. Meaning “impair or disqualify by old age” is from 1690s. Related: Superannuating.
superannuation (n.)
1650s, noun of action from superannuate.
superannuated (adj.) Look up
1630s, “obsolete, out of date;”

1740, “retired on account of old age,” from Modern Latin superannuatus, alteration (perhaps by influence of annual) of Medieval Latin superannatus (which meant “more than a year old” and was used of cattle), from Latin super “beyond, over” (see super-) + annus “year” (see annual (adj.)). Earlier in same sense was superannate (c. 1600), from Medieval Latin superannatus. Compare French suranner

A very interesting problem arises when comparing “superannuate,” with “superannate.”


Superannuate vs. superannate

An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language
By Walter William Skeat

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